Welcome to the Maine EMS Education (MEMSEd) website

Maine EMS is excited to offer this mechanism of training throughout the state. This platform offers the ability to reach across the state, offering quality standardized education while removing geographic barriers to education.

*** New Information Regarding MEMSEd Passwords ***


***  MEFIRS handles passwords differently than MEMSEd, password changes in MEFIRS will not change your MEMSEd password. 

***  The forgot password link in MEMSEd will re-direct you to the Maine EMS eLicensing site.  

***  When you change your password in eLicensing, it will change the password in MEFIRS, eLicensure, and MEMSEd. 

***  MEMSEd accounts lock after five consecutive failed login attempts. Accounts will automatically unlock after a predetermined period of time, so try again later. 

***  Maine EMS is unable to unlock user accounts.  



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